Hemingboard: The Pun & Rhyme Generating Keyboard that's Pun-believable

Hemingboard: The Pun & Rhyme Generating Keyboard that’s Pun-believable

Puns can be a little polarizing. Some find them to be pun-bearable. They’re less like jokes and more like pun-ishment. But for those with a well-rounded sense of humor, you know there’s nothing better than landing that perfect pun.

The key to a great pun is timing and delivery. You need to be pun-ctual with your response, while making sure it carries the right pun-ch. Believe it or not, there’s an app for that.

Hemingboard – Bringing you puns and rhymes for days

Recently, we’ve covered both Microsoft’s and Google’s well-regarded keyboard replacements for iPhone. Hemingboard is another third-party iOS keyboard app, but with a much different purpose. According to developer Johnny Lin, “Hemingboard is the keyboard with puns, synonyms, and rhymes built in. Type a word and tap the hummingbird to automagically get dozens of word and phrase suggestions.”

Hemingboard iOS Keyboard

Switching between the different suggestion options is as simple as tapping a button. Of course, you can also use it as a standard phone keyboard. The keyboard offers your basic autocorrect, predictive text, and auto-capitalization. But Hemingboard shines brightest when used in special situations. Lin says, “It’s perfect for terrible pun-chlines, rap battles, songwriting, photo captioning, online dating, and of course, complementing the S.O.”

How does Hemingboard form these pun-derful suggestions? “The suggestions are a combination of open and free data from various sources,” says Lin. They’re regularly taking in user suggestions, as well. Despite the ever growing library of suggestions, Hemingboard doesn’t require an internet connection.

Hemingboard is currently available on iOS for $2.99 and on Mac OS for $9.99. The iOS keyboard has been optimized for both iPhones and iPads. As for the Mac version, “It lives in the menu bar [and] works in any app,” according to Lin. Android and Windows versions are currently in beta testing, so non-Apple users will soon be able to join the pun times as well.

While there are a variety of pun and rhyme generators, as well as thesaurus apps, Hemingboard is pretty unique in combining them under a singular keyboard format. If you do need a quick pun for free, and you don’t want to buy an app, you can check out pungenerator.org.

For those who decide to try Hemingboard, Johnny Lin has one final piece of advice: “Friendly reminder to keep your phone in a cool place when using Hemingboard, so it doesn’t overheat when you’re texting hot fyre.”