Our Story

Let's start a podcast like Shark Tank

It all started with an email.

Sheel’s cold email to Josh

And just like that, after a 30-minute call, The Pitch was born.

With Sheel in San Francisco and Josh in Florida, they started courting startups to come on and pitch their idea in public. Finally, on the second Tuesday in July 2015, the first episode went live.

It took a couple weeks to catch on, but when it did…

About The Pitch Podcast

It took just one day to became the #1 most upvoted podcast on Product Hunt of all time. Then Inc.com named us one of the Top 13 Entrepreneur Podcasts and Forbes recognized us as one of the 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs.

But even with all the hype, and people calling us a better, more realistic version of Shark Tank. We still had some challenges ahead. For starters, we weren’t profitable yet. Neither the startups nor investors pay to be a part of our show, so we needed to find a way to be profitable soon.

So in episode 12.5 we decided to tell the story of what was happening behind the scenes and ask for feedback from our fans. After the overwhelming response from listeners, we launched our one-on-one pitch coaching bootcamp for founders.

Where we're going from here

The team is hard at work on a new season of The Pitch. A season that will debut a brand new show format and 10 incredibly talented young startups. We talk about the new format in episode 30.5.

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Our Team

Josh Muccio

Josh Muccio

Founder, host and producer

Sheel Mohnot

Sheel Mohnot

Founder, co-host // partner at 500 Startups

Jake Cohn

Jake Cohn

Sponsorships // founder of And Chill